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Intimate Conversations

Sep 27, 2019


Talk about a jam packed show of vulnerable inspiring insights into JJ's journey with marriage, divorce, new love, and healing her body. JJ and I have been friends and colleagues for years. She's one of the most driven women I know, always willing to figure something out. I am inspired how she navigated not being...

Sep 20, 2019

What a delicious conversation with a Soul Sister! Adair is both depth and lightness. Her brave willingness to bring the Sacred into the Business world is not only inspiring yet desperately needed. And the results are phenomenal. She knows how to bring psychological safety to her workshops and private...

Sep 14, 2019

I really enjoyed this interview with Dr. Debi Silber... she was willing to have me question some fundamental principles I believe in, and allow me to discover that we're saying the same thing, just taking a different approach... and that the world NEEDS many approaches to bring someone home to spiritual, physical,...

Sep 7, 2019

Wow this really brought up such fondness of the days I was immersed in Access. Brendon and I first spoke about parenting and the capacity to teach our kids Knowing and Choice. It's led to such a phenomenal relationship with my son AND Brendon and I agreed that parenting changes daily!