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Intimate Conversations

Sep 27, 2019


Talk about a jam packed show of vulnerable inspiring insights into JJ's journey with marriage, divorce, new love, and healing her body. JJ and I have been friends and colleagues for years. She's one of the most driven women I know, always willing to figure something out. I am inspired how she navigated not being able to make something work, not being able to fix it and having to surrender, let go, trust. I am inspired by her conscious uncoupling ceremony coming up with her ex husband. I'm inspired she slowed down to continually listen to her body's wisdom and her intuitive knowing as she navigated her fibroids. I'm inspired by how she's healing her feminine wounds and receiving so much more, allowing and sitting in the not knowing and that's OK. I am inspired by her willingness to share her truth on her podcast, cry in the grocery store, leave the hospital when they said stay... her willingness to live her truth moment to moment the best she can, never perfect, always real. 

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