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Intimate Conversations

Sep 7, 2019

Wow this really brought up such fondness of the days I was immersed in Access. Brendon and I first spoke about parenting and the capacity to teach our kids Knowing and Choice. It's led to such a phenomenal relationship with my son AND Brendon and I agreed that parenting changes daily! 

Then we moved into how asking questions shows us why our relationships aren't necessarily what we desire. The way he shines a light on helping us to take responsibility without self criticism opens up a whole new reality of what we can choose to create the relationship we desire. AND what about our relationship with ourselves? We spoke about the 5 elements of Intimacy and how if we're not first connected to what's true for ourselves, we will never be fulfilled by looking for it in others.

We spoke of his first book Relationship: Are You Sure You Want One? and how when writing it, he and Simone were in relationship. Yet when it was time to publish, they completed their relationship. Learn how they navigated Why and How they did so elegantly. AND so much more!

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