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Intimate Conversations

Nov 7, 2019

Ok, I think that was one of the feistiest interviews I've ever done! Our fierce hearts sparred! Yet stayed connected. And softened. And grew in understanding, respect and tenderness. Tien's story is so rich, deep, painful, real... it was very intense. He went there with me, he's a wizard yet also a dragon,...

Oct 23, 2019

What a phenomenal exploration of the power of staying connected to Mother Earth and nature in terms of processing our emotions and being able to hear our truth.

The work that Braden has done with nature skills and appreciation with children as well as with strategic planning meetings for corporations bringing in the...

Feb 16, 2018

This was my third time to interview Derek. The man continues to blow me away with breathtaking spiritual wisdom, heartfelt stories, vulnerable revelations and practical actions for more abundance in our life... be it love, money and beyond.

Since our last interview he's been through a divorce, faced his fears about loss...