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Intimate Conversations

Sep 20, 2019

What a delicious conversation with a Soul Sister! Adair is both depth and lightness. Her brave willingness to bring the Sacred into the Business world is not only inspiring yet desperately needed. And the results are phenomenal. She knows how to bring psychological safety to her workshops and private and group coaching. She knows how to facilitate connection, focusing on stories of excellence... so that instead of sending that email out of frustration to the coworker on the other side of the building... she's facilitated an experience for the worker KNOWING the coworker's heart, dreams, visions, values and purpose. The worker takes a beat. Drops into more coherence, compassion, connection... even empathy... and the quality of communication shifts from ME to WE. Silos turn into collective geniuses co-creating a shared future. 

And this is Adair's passion! She's so alive facilitating this connection and innovative breakthroughs for her clients, truly empowering them to take the time to drop into their heart, listen to their truth, bring the sacred back into their purpose. She's eloquent, committed, vulnerable and passionate. And I'm honored to call her my friend.

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