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Intimate Conversations

Jul 7, 2021

Rick’s no virgin to bold moves. On whim, a prayer, and without a job to support his dual income life, he made a crazy move, leaving his dead end hotel career to pursue whatever would come way In Sunny Southern California. 10 years later, after 13 years marriage and becoming a father to two beautiful daughters he made the heart wrenching, yet necessary bold move to come out of the closet, living his truth as a gay man.

In the midst of this new life path, Rick took a bold risk to walk away from his life in hospitality technology, leaving the worlds of Microsoft, IBM, Hilton, Starwood Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, and Ian Schrager to revaluate what was truly important in life - no excuses, no fears, no apologies.


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4 Chambers - written by Aeone / BMI
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