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Intimate Conversations

Jul 5, 2019

Friggen LOVE this woman!!! Treva is WISE and real. And gorgeous. We spoke of her journey to finding love and walking down the alter at 51 yrs old for the first time... she let go of expectations, she detached from the outcome, she surrendered to what the Universe wanted to bring her. She focused on herself, made good choices, took care of her body, gave her gifts to humanity... she realized as a Fitness Professional that you DON'T Quit! And yet sometimes we just can't MAKE something happen. Over pushing doesn't work. Her only child 'do it myself' mentality has made her feel like rookie when it comes to partnership. She's learning daily even 5 yrs into the marriage. 


Treva's developing her capacity for compromise, consideration, collaboration. She's grateful that she's softened her masculine to let Robby hold her hand when she's anxious. She's received a good man who's in it to win it, who dances around the kitchen when she's being interviewed on a Podcast xox She knows she's not a burden to share her challenges, her perfectionist has dissolved. She communicates her needs. They hold hands. And they bookend the day with laugher. Aren't you already in love with her? You will literally be nourished in this interview. Enjoy. 


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