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Intimate Conversations

May 18, 2022

Life is so good. Especially when you run into a brother from another mother ;-) Gerald was introduced to me as someone I would adore and it's true. His journey is so aligned with our path to intimate communion with our soul. He shares of his two prior marriages dealing with masks and facades, anything not to be rejected. We both have been inspired by Debbie Ford's shadow work, choosing to open ALL doors in the mansion of ourselves and express ourselves unapologetically. Gerald's partnership with his beloved Allison and especially how they courted is a glorious dance of intimacy and the best of the masculine and feminine. They've let go of rules, gotten up under one another, awakening the best in one another, caring for each other's hearts. With 10 kids between the two of them and a thriving retreat business, this is legendary couple doing legendary work for humanity. In fact as a cherished listener of Intimate Conversations, use the coupon 'Guest' to be invited as Gerald's special guest to his May 25-27 event in Salt Lake City. For conscious leaders, to learn more about the invitation only Warrior of the Light events, go to Savor the visualization at the end that Gerald led, let the energy nourish you! And get ready for Part 2 with Allison and Part 3 with the two of them!


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