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Intimate Conversations

May 31, 2019

WOW! What a story! It was amazing how much resonated with mine...not in external circumstances so much as the internal terror... I'm sure it will resonate with you as well... any moment where you squashed your truth, hid out of fear, put yourself into a prison of your own making to keep the peace... yet it created hell inside your heart. We spoke of how shame can grow out of control if you don't reach out for help. We spoke of the love of our children. We spoke of what's possible when you focus on deserving a happy life being treated with kindness. 

I'm not sure she's buying my point of view that our soul's chose this for our greatest evolution and of course there's no way of proving this point of view... yet for me when I see things FOR me not against me, it aligns my power, energy, certainty and empowers healthier choices. Rosie is for kindness, for speaking up, for living a life of joy that you deserve. She's amazing and you will love this ;-) xox

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