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Intimate Conversations

Feb 23, 2018

"The Process Is The Result" OMG I totally love this dude. He GETS it. I called my company Celebrate the Process, Inc for this same reason. We often won't even BEGIN to work out, to date, to live our dreams until we have our illusionary ducks in a row. Rob's outlook in his fitness business, his marriage and his inner spiritual journey encourages us to begin where we are. Take the leap.  Show up. Fall down (for we all will xoxo) and compassionately get back up and keep living. 

While we talked about the consistent steps to fit working out into a busy entrepreneurs or busy moms schedule...the same making of simply consistent priorities have helped his 18 yr relationship thrive and his local and online clients thrive. He's humble and open that he's not perfect, yet he's willing to keep showing up, giving fully and creating memories that at the end of the day, make him proud to be alive. Listen here for how he quickly turned around a negative spiral into a way of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable... and so much more.

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