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Intimate Conversations

Sep 1, 2012

I was waiting for this reunion as it was long overdue and may I just tell you.. I LOVED it. Leela is a woman filled with the spirit that we all want and strive to embrace. She has this sweetness and this unique understanding of how to express her message that shoots it straight through to the core of who we are. Love, love, loved it! 

Leela is the founder and CEO of Vividly Woman Embodied Leader tools and training. A facilitator of groups and individuals for over 20 years, she is an expert in the field of body, self and soul . Her many studies, trainings, work with individuals and families, shamanic initiations and rich life experience add depth and dimension to her skills.

Leela brings her experience working internationally with thousands of people as an Integrative Body Therapist, yoga, Nia and Trance dance facilitator and keynote speaker and trainer to her circles and event facilitation. With charm, fun, sincerity and sensitivity, she gets people into their bodies, more deeply connected to themselves, more open to connecting with others and most of all source and divine spirit. Celebration, compassion and authenticity are the heart of her teaching, inspiring and nourishing the dance that is her aliveness and her delight in sharing it with others. She is passionately devoted to weaving community that models the values and philosophies of the Sacred Feminine.

She lives and shares this dance with all individuals who dream an ever more vivid existence!