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Intimate Conversations

Mar 1, 2019

I am SO blessed to be both colleagues and friends with my uplifting life transforming guests who walk their talk, just like Kim Seltzer! We are such elegant complements of one another... me inside out and her outside in... Kim literally watches heart after heart awaken when their style becomes congruent with their true self. AND their ideal mates finally SEE them because after all, 93% of communication is non verbal! 


Kim explains the science behind healing, how in today's swiping world, how you only get one chance at a first impression, and how so many of her clients experience lasting love with her help. She shares her vulnerable journey to becoming an expert stylist from her therapy background... and even how many hankies she had to drop to entice her 5 yr relationship man to make the move! Kim's the real deal and she has a special gift based on your bone structure of what looks BEST on you so you feel even more confident on that next date! Enjoy xox


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