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Intimate Conversations

Apr 10, 2020

The sizzling Sheila Kelley shared about her journey following her instincts and living her truth, which led her to bliss and discovering her erotic creature. She said that discovering her erotic creature has deepened her marriage and took their intimacy to a whole new level! “When you begin to understand your erotic creature, you begin to understand men, and the men you want to be with, and the men you want to fill you up and break you open and to annihilate you into bliss.” How delicious is that!? Then, we talked about pole dancing! We even got raw and started talking about embracing our maternal and paternal truths and channeling fear into motivation. I just LOVE Sheila Kelley… She has changed my life and so many others with her truth and honesty.

This beautiful interview will inspire you to not only find your bliss in your body, your expression and your erotic creature, it will also help you find the bliss in your in pain, your fear... who would have thought that was possible?

Allana's Getting Your Brave On Coaching Practice:

Find a part of you that you hide, resist, feel embarrassed about, unsure about. The kinky part? Naughty part? Erotic part? Dominatrix part? Dark with Heart part? Then find a song that will invite that part out. Then move. Dance. Crawl. In the safety of your room, literally begin to embody this part. Second, if there is a part of you that is sad, ashamed, guilty, angry, scared, in pain... find music that echoes this feeling and put it on. Don’t try to fix it or change it. Just be it. Allow it. Get to know it without resistance. Just let it be here, now, and let it move. You’ll be surprised that when you stop trying to stuff it away, and give it breathing room, that it transforms into another emotion, then another, until finally you rest in peace. Quiet. At home in your body.

Show was originally part of the Brave, Bold, and Raw Series from August 2017

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Featuring music by:
4 Chambers - written by Aeone / BMI
Published by Angleterre Music /BMI