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Intimate Conversations

Oct 21, 2020

Looking back at this delicious interview, I was totally blind-sided by the profundity of Sharon’s request to make a written agreement with the Universe to be in partnership. I had no idea that while I was asking questions to the Universe, I still had it that it was ALL up to me. There really wasn’t a deep co-creative communion at play. Her insight was such a blessings for us all to deepen our agreement with Source.

Allana's Getting Your Brave On Coaching Practice: Use Sharon’s idea as a guide and my ideas as a guide and do what feels right for you to literally write out your agreement with Source. Give over everything for the Universe to help you with. Honor what you will provide yet don’t think you can change other’s free will, thus give over the ultimate outcome to Source. Let yourself lighten up. Let yourself listen. Let yourself be in the most exquisite honoring potent partnership of your life, with Source.

Video was originally part of the Brave, Bold, and Raw Series

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