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Intimate Conversations

Aug 19, 2020

I have known Morgana for years and had no idea the depth of her heart, the intensity of her story, the wisdom of her message and the joy she has in her relationship right now. Such a homecoming and I’m so grateful for her wisdom in the Summit!

Allana's Getting Your Brave On Coaching Practice:

Morgana shared about our relationship with money, about receiving, about worth.

Are you wanting more support yet unwilling to ask for it or receive it once it’s here? Are you more committed to working hard or triumphing over hardship than allowing life to be easy? Are you in love with money, as if it was your lover, grateful for it, happy to see it, honoring of it with having it, saving it and spending it?

Take a moment now to not only journal a conversation with money, yet when you’re done invite it into your life. Sit and lower all your energetic edges and let it start pouring in. More and more. Like a soft shower from all directions. Imagine all the fun things you choose to do with the money. Keep saying thank you thank you for it’s never ending flow into your life. See more flowing in as you pay for things... thank you thank you.

Receive and BE you fully expressed. 

Show was originally part of the Brave, Bold, and Raw Series from August 2017

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