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Intimate Conversations

Feb 13, 2018

Dave was pretty evolved, had a solid personal growth and yoga practice, he was (and is) handsome and in shape, had gone through a hell of a lot with his kids and had healed those relationships, yet he was alone and frankly had quite an edge of bitterness to him before he enrolled in my 7 week program called Heart Splayed Wide Open. He was really smart so he had intellectually done his work to cognitively understand and analyze his patterns based on his mom‘s behavior and dad‘s behavior growing up… But what he had NOT done - like so many of my super brilliant aware clients- was process or integrate them emotionally- so he wasn’t healed- the anger was still stuck in his cellular memory, he was still vibrating with an energy of pain, unfairness, how could you? why did it all happen this way? 


Discover the process he went through that resulted in him literally going for a walk… and walking right straight into her, the most ideal complementary romantic partner beyond his wildest imagination. He went on and on about how they like to do the same sports, same personal growth, have both done their inner work, have both forgiven the past. She literally shoved her phone number into his hand. They’ve been together ever since. What would be possible for you if you went through these 7 transformative steps? Let's find out... listen here ;-)