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Intimate Conversations

Dec 22, 2021

So glad to have the opportunity to get to know a new sister better, Makhosi and I met through Mavericks and I wanted to share her powerful story with you. I had no ideas that Intimacy was where she started rising to the top of a sex toy multi level marketing company all the way through mystery schools to becoming a Zulu Shaman and following euphoria to live in the flow. Now she guides her clients in embracing both their genius and challenge at the same time, helping them to receive support and value asking for help. She reminds us that when we receive support, we can not only live in OUR genius, we invite others to expand THEIR genius. She brings spiritual ideas into practical teachings. She's a Shaman yes, yet also a down to earth mom, wife and woman. I loved how her hubby was off camera when she was praising him... so beautiful to see her glow about him as a father and provider. Enjoy ;-)


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