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Intimate Conversations

Sep 7, 2018

Wow, what a delicious revealing conversation about what it really takes to go from surviving to thriving. David took us through a truly revealing intimate sensual visceral experience he had that truly transformed and empowered his life, connections and joyful expression. 

He provided an heartfelt window into his journey to heal from childhood trauma and now his daily practices to cultivate a life of authentic freedom and powerful expression. One of his many talents is to illustrate a person's emotional world... get it out of you... put it on paper... give it room to breathe, transform, change, evolve. He's a man who's learned to feel, laugh, cry, breathe, open and receive... check out our Youtube video as well where he shared a breathtaking gift his wife of 33 yrs created for him on their first time ever apart during their Anniversary... it may move you the way it moved David... you will love this ;-) 

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