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Intimate Conversations

May 17, 2019

This dude is one of my new favorite inspiring people. He's a phenomenally empowering misfit who has created a live where he wakes up to someone who sees the real Christopher. He's designed his life, his physical environment, his friends and his message to empower us to be exponentially different, to own our messy, to do great work and love BIG even though life will still hurt BIG. 

Rarely have I FELT so understood by interviewing someone who never fit in and who has to 'make' it happen because the 'path' doesn't work for his wiring. Thank God as he's a huge best seller, has Bill Walton on speed dial, he hasn't had to 'work' since 38 and still gets up everyday embracing the power of entrepreneurship to stand for something. He shared great wisdom of the waves of emotion that accompany being different, how instead of resisting the pain he welcomes it, leaning into brave humility calling a good friend when he finds himself in an emotional ditch. To me he's the embodiment of navigating excellence, you never 'get' there, there are challenges and moments of bliss...and there's always Scotch ;-) Fuck the incremental improvement. Go for exponential expansion as YOU. 

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