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Intimate Conversations

Apr 22, 2020

OMG this was NOT what I thought. It was WAY better. Like blow my mind open (and vagina open) better. I knew I always loved Carol and David from the first time I met them and they interviewed me on their huge Podcast The Sexy Lifestyle. Yet I had no idea the depth of care, connection, openness, confidence and vulnerability they shared as a couple. I had no idea of their willingness to have JOY, TRUTH and PLEASURE in their lives and how they are FOR each other growing more and more in love each year of their swingers life.

AND I had no idea what swinging really meant. I had a lot of preconceived notions. Given I haven't met ''The One'... I've never had a solid partnership within which to explore sex. They concurred that if your relationship sex life is NOT working, swinging is not going to fix it, it's going to blow it up. They are a solid partnership who have sex with other solid partnerships and everyone gets stronger. Carol's in charge of who they have sex with, totally female centric experiences. No means no and even a weak yes means no. Unless both are a hell yes, they don't do it. And they love each other even more 12 yrs later. And they want to have sex with me... gulp. You HAVE to listen/watch this amazing conversation of positive sex talk held in truth, non judgment and awakening of our own best selves. Enjoy xox

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