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Intimate Conversations

Dec 14, 2018

OMG talk about falling in love instantly. Right out of the gate, Brad shared about his near death experience and that he learned so much from this counsel of beings who asked him if he wanted to go back. He learned the power of our thought, that we ARE so powerful, that we ARE eternal, that we ARE Source. He negotiated if he was going to come back, they had to come with him or NOBODY would believe him.

Well get this. When he came back into his body, his insights were instantly supported by his wife Kasey literally channelling this counsel of beings! YES! And she channelled them right in our interview! I was in tears by the end! SO much truth, wisdom, certainty. We are Source. We created all this. Appreciate it! Perfectly!! And thus free of judgment it's possible to live free of fear. We can stop running so fast, we aren't going to run out of time. We don't die. Resistance can drop away. Wow. You are going to LOVE this AND be so grateful that they are giving our listeners not just a taste but a WHOLE program to empower you and pay forward to your loved one. You are in for a treat. xox

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