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Intimate Conversations

Jan 3, 2014

Your wish is my command! Many of you asked to bring the beautiful and bold, Amy Smith back on the show and we did! And it was badass, as she would say. So Amy did it again… she really BRINGS it every time, and gives you permission to be bold, in the moment and authentic. During the interview we all swam in this pool of authenticity, humor and richness.  Amy gave us yummy real life samples of how she handles conflict and keeps her sex life sizzling in her 17 year marriage.  

She shared about her Badass101 program and the transformation and permission to be fully alive she provides her clients. You will laugh your ass off on this one, and your heart will be blasted wide open in joy.Check out Amy’s Badass 101 course right HERE I bet you didn’t know this about Amy…  Take a look at her ‘21 Things You Don’t Know About Me‘ and read her bio below!Owner and Founder of Joy Junkie Enterprises, Amy Smith is a self-proclaimed life enthusiast and love advocate.

In her work with individuals, couples, and groups she has been able to move people beyond limiting beliefs and negative self-talk to a place of personal empowerment and self-love.Amy feels called to radically impact the world of intimate relationships and works most often with those seeking relationship clarity. She holds a certification through the non-profit, Art & Creativity for Healing, has been a featured expert on Fox 5 San Diego, and is credentialed through the renowned International Coach Federation (ICF), She fervently calls the masses to “Get Your Shit Together” through self-discovery, bravery, and personal empowerment.