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Intimate Conversations

Jun 29, 2018

Amy is a creative, a dreamer... always wanted to be a ballerina. As happens to many of us she went through a 'rule follower' stage and had various corporate America jobs yet was miserable. Gratefully she had entrepreneurial parents who encouraged her to take the leap. Without knowing how it would all work out, she just started showing up. 

13 yrs later she's a successful Life and Business Coach with the popular Podcast Inspired Conversations diving deep into authenticity and knowing what you know! As she keeps growing in confidence, like many of us when we take on a new frontier... moment of wobbly arise so she has this AWESOME way of talking to her Little Me inside... you'll have to listen to the podcast to find out while being SUPER inspired by her uplifting points of view. You will feel more certain to live your dreams by listening to Amy's wisdom, joy and grounded energy. Enjoy! 

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