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Intimate Conversations

May 29, 2020

If you could imagine what it feels like to KNOW something with ever fiber of your being, and finally someone PROVES to you what you've always hoped was true... this is the experience of interviewing Rollin McCraty of HeartMath. So many of my clients (and me included) have suffered from what he calls 'mal adapted baselines' where our brain literally looks for matches of what it finds familiar that feels 'good'... yet it quite unhealthy for us... and when we find what's healthy it's so unfamiliar to our brain's sensory matching system the we turn away from a good man/good woman/healthy match.

YET THERE IS HOPE! And there is technology to support the retraining of your brains through the coherence of our hearts. We can create new set points. We can create new baselines. We can vibrate as love, coherence, appreciation, care and kindness. We can attract and create healthy partnerships... AND we can elevate global coherence to one where we choose what's best for the planet. We can measure the contribution we're making with HeartMath's device, Inner Balance. We can feed the field with what uplifts humanity. You matter. Every feeling counts. And we can't think out way into coherence, we can only feeeeel our way... you will LOVE this interview!

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