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Intimate Conversations

May 8, 2020

This interview is so HOT! Of course I expected it to be hot and yet the topic of Dominant Submissive, the theme of Jaiya's next book, really took the interview in a whole new erotic direction! Jaiya tells us things she never even put into the book, as she explored 40 days of being a Dominatrix and 40 days of being a Submissive with her partner. HUGE transformation occurred for them, and it wasn’t always pretty. Yet the intimacy grew and deepened.

Allana's Getting Your Brave On Coaching Practice:

If you have a partner, have a conversation about having one night be where you are the Dominant and the other the Submissive. The next night switch. Create rules about when enough is enough, a code word. Both parties must be consensual the whole time; this enlivens the intimacy and deepens your truth. Use this to play outside the box, to explore archetypes and energies. Shit might come up so make it safe for either partner to feel what they feel with no judgment. This might open the door to a whole new paradigm of pleasure... be open.

Show was originally part of the Brave, Bold, and Raw Series from August 2017

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