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Intimate Conversations

Aug 31, 2022

Wow. To be in the presence of a couple who is human, does the work, cleans up messes, learns what works for themselves, for the other and for the relationship... I witnessed devotion. They shared practical ways they regulate their nervous system. They shared points of view that help them lean in, deepen connection, stay in the conversation and share what they really desire, their truth. They shared the true challenges of being together 18 yrs, married 14 with a pandemic thrown in for good measure, and the sweetness of being on the journey... together. They truly want neither to betray their own truth. They truly have each other's back, even when it's scary or hard. They role played how they navigate when one pulls away. You will learn so much. You will feel their love of self, other and the partnership. Totally nourished my heart and I know it will yours too. Enjoy xox


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