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Intimate Conversations

May 24, 2023

I can't tell you how delicious it is when I meet somebody who speaks the same language. TJ gets it. Lives it... teaches it. There's so much value in presence, in feeling our feelings, in integrating our activated emotions, so that we can cultivate deeper more meaningful relationships. We CAN become that trusted person that our lover or friends turn to because they know we're not going to fix them. TJ and I spoke of the importance and the gift of having someone on the healing journey who we can be deeply vulnerable with as we heal in their safe, non-judgmental presence.

In this discussion around shame and recovery, we also discussed...
How even after TJ was sober, he felt suicidal because the unresolved emotions were beginning to surface.
How true presence takes decades to cultivate and yet allows for pure joy to emerge as our very essence. 
How to specifically talk to and be with ourselves when emotions are activated in a way that integrates them into wholeness rather than resist, deny or avoid them. 


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