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Intimate Conversations

May 10, 2023

A Dose of Positivity, the name of Mike's latest book, is a massive understatement. This man, his book and his message is a dose of life altering, heart expanding, embodied potent grounded Bliss. 

Mike shared his own personal journey of addiction, lack of mentors or guidance from for his athletic abilities... Yet his willingness to consistently do the right thing even though it was hard, has created nothing short of miracles in his life. 
His story of what I will call self-ownership, humility and nobility healed a place inside my heart. There are great men on this planet. Not perfect men. But brave men who do the right thing when no one's looking. I believe Mike is one of these men. What an honor to share his essence with you :) 
In this epic conversation we discussed...
-Practical tools to move through trauma into presence and action 
-What it really means to slow down, feel, know your intuitive truth and align your actions in integrity with your soul
-The sacred discipline of honoring your body, stretching out your trauma, beginning your day connected to self, source and truth so that the rest of your day flows in the zone 
-And his amazing wife and kiddo :-)


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Featuring music by:
Podcast Pop Intro - written by 331Music
Chasing the Sunshine - written by pinkzebra