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Intimate Conversations

Apr 20, 2018

Aren't Light Workers magical? Those drawn to be the 'pluggers in' of Light Workers like Wendy are especially magical. Her story of how her life was her greatest teacher to surrender, to take responsibility for what she had created, to connect with her highest selves and trust her path is totally inspiring. AND that her marriage after 30+ yrs is still amazing? And getting better? 

I've had the pleasure of both remote sessions and in person sessions with Wendy in Houston. I unequivocally can say I am better for it. I was a little 'out of it' for a few weeks when things were recalibrating and it showed me how hard I normally push! I had time to reassess, rejuvenated, really look at my priorities... and be invited to make changes to align with my vision and purpose. I am forever grateful and totally recommend Wendy! You are going to just FEEL the possibility on the podcast! 

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