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Intimate Conversations

Feb 9, 2022

I'm 52. I'm well over the 12 yr old tween who pawed the TV screen watching Duran Duran (yes I really did that xox). I evolved and remember it being lovely but no big thing when maneuvering UP some stairs on crutches in NYC and a sweet couple helped me Bruce Willis and Demi Moore... However Foster and Kimberly are like sacred movie stars to me, Divine Celebrities. They not only IMPACT humanity, they ARE a divine sacred couple. You can just feel it. I was twitterpated to meet them and once I shared my vulnerable truth, we settled into our heart coherent delicious conversation ;-) We spoke of deep profound yet practical concepts that make their 19 yr relationship thrive... just like their freedom portal after the smashing success of Thrive: What on Earth will it take and Thrive II: This is What it Takes. We spoke of agreements, allowance, acknowledgments and FFA time... you'll have to listen to discover that delicious practice. xox Their trust of one another's goodwill is palpable. Their tenderness, intimacy and sacred turn on is exquisite. We agree on the Science of Love... to create that harmony it takes ownership, practices, skill building, commitment, consistent attention... like riding a bike, it's easier once you're moving. They've created a collaborative solutions hub at which I encourage you to join. And if you're 'doing your work' yet your ideal one hasn't shown up yet... this interview will renew your knowing that BOTH sacred intimacy and living your divine purpose is completely possible. You will LOVE THIS intimate conversation, and feel our love for YOU.

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