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Intimate Conversations

May 17, 2023

'Never again' she said after a several decade relationship ended in a 20 minute conversation. This led to a profound 6 year soul searching journey where she discovered how she had been shrink-fitting herself to find love. Turns out the magic was not only in her Ex, she discovered it was in herself. And we had a complete melding of the minds to understand that the body, mind, heart and soul are unique aspects with unique jobs. And when we follow our Bliss we must follow our soul. And when I ask her what is the single most powerful tool in her evolution… well you're going to have to listen to the episode to hear her answer! I was completely delighted! 

In this stunning conversation we also discussed…
-The power of purging your 'smoot' (a spiritual technical term xox)
-Why spiritual practices are not one and done, they require consistency
-How her family was a safe place to land, even when she came out with her sexual orientation 


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Featuring music by:
Podcast Pop Intro - written by 331Music
Chasing the Sunshine - written by pinkzebra