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Intimate Conversations

Jan 1, 2013

It was such a pleasure to have Shana James, from Authentic Woman Experience, on this week's Intimate Conversations show!  I have found a new soul sister and I am so grateful!!  She is amazing!  It was a crazy day with some unexpected challenges and Shana was such a blessing with how she worked with me to get through the challenges and join me for some last minute show changes.

We had such a great talk and covered so many areas!  Love, Sexuality, Motherhood, Intimacy, Relationship, Radiance and much much more.  Love this woman!!

And Shana generously brought a very special offer for the women---- For a limited time, all of you glorious women can get $100 off  her 3 CD Authentic Woman Experience home course series.  Whoop!!!

AND she brought a great gift for the men too----a free download to give you the inside scoop on how to bring out The Man She Wants.  Oh Yes!!

That's what it's all about right?  Men and women joining together and seeing the steps each other can take to bring out their best authentic self!  You betcha!!

Shana has worked with hundreds of men and women in the Authentic Man Program and the Authentic Woman Experience. She is passionate about men having profound interactions and relationships with women. She calls out every man’s greatness and believes the world benefits from doing so.

Shana does not teach games or pick up lines. She works specifically with each man in the places he holds back and feels stuck. With an open heart and incredible clarity Shana will see you in a way that makes it natural to step into the future and relationships you want.

She draws on years of experience as a coach, workshop leader, yoga, meditation and a Master’s degree in Psychology to help you have what is most important to you.