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Intimate Conversations

Dec 6, 2019

My amazing friend and colleague Larry Michel... I know we get on like a house on fire, yet I forgot how long we've known each other, how long we've had each other's back and how LONG his amazing genetic energetics has been working magic in people's lives. My interest got re-sparked given how many couples I'm working with as a tool to help understand how people communicate and how they're wired sexually. All tools (that work) build bridges from judgment or shame toward understanding and connection. Larry's typology supports just this. We acknowledge that even if we're tremendously matched, there are still factors like willingness, readiness and knowing one's self that are required for a relationship to thrive, AND we acknowledge that are are certainly gifts in the challenge... yet overall his tool may help to explain why certain areas are a consistent challenge with your partner AND how to change that. You will learn so much!

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