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Intimate Conversations

Feb 21, 2020

Sherri Nickols joined us on Brave, Bold, and Raw as a bonus addition to a spectacular program. I wanted to share my own personal experience working with Sherri
Sherri is so loving, kind, clear and tender… in our session she showed me where I wasn’t willing to receive. As we dug deeper it wasn’t so much a worth issue, it was a core SAFETY issue. She got it and took me through a powerful series of clearings to come to peace in my being. She held space with unwavering love. While I had the courage before to ask for things, that blind spot of not feeling safe would somehow block people from saying yes to me. Now I am asking as before, yet the answers are coming back in my favor professionally and personally… I am truly able to receive more than ever before. AND I’m able to GIVE more than ever before- my coaching sessions are on fire. I'm literally able to see, know and shift things with lightening speed and grace. Thank you Sherri!

We all need help finding our blindspots and I am grateful for Sherri helping me find mine. I would love to help you find yours.

Show was originally part of the Brave, Bold, and Raw Series from August 2017

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