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Intimate Conversations

Feb 7, 2020

As you all know, we had our wonderful, intimate interview with the great, Betsy Chasse. Who you also know from Brave, Bold & Raw! She is really one, amazing woman! She is truly extraordinary beyond belief. She is a prime example of a woman who wears multiple hats and does it so incredibly well. She is a real role model for anyone who has to play multiple roles within their life.

We had a BLAST talking about Spiritual Porn, Motherhood, Empathy, Dating and loving ourselves through this thing called life! Betsy shared about her journey with the concepts of empathy, unconditional love and how to be non judgmental, which is something we all have difficulty doing at times. We discussed, in depth, on how to love others and ourselves. We laughed, shared, swore (a lot!)… It was really an inspirational conversation with a woman who walks her talk.

She spoke with such wisdom and grace that you were truly just mesmerized by her words. As you would be by her book. So, if you love reading then, her book is an absolute must on your shelf.

Show originally aired June 20, 2014

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