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Intimate Conversations

Feb 1, 2019

What a beautiful conversation with Joie about self love. I asked her about her upbringing as a first generation Taiwanese American sensing there were lessons that both supported and challenged her in becoming who she is... it was almost like she was peeling back another layer of knowing herself and deepening her purpose as she revealed clues to her beautiful journey of self love. 


She provided practical tools to shift from inner cruel self talk to inner loving self love while being gracious as I lovingly teased her that her time being single to fall in love with herself only lasted 3 weeks! But a powerful 3 weeks they were! She also has a true passion for telling your story, for writing a book, for leaving a legacy, for changing a life so someone who you may never know, feels seen, heard, gotten and supported by your story. Your book could literally save a life. Listen now ;-)


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