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Intimate Conversations

Feb 1, 2011

Dancing is something that we embrace faithfully, honestly, and without fear. It is something we identify with, we get intimate with, and that we feel our true sensuality in. This week my Intimate Conversation was with Jennifer Jimenez. Jennifer taught us all to understand, love, and learn the spirit of the dance while transforming us. In addition to my special call with her this week, she will be gracing the curriculum of with her dance movement to get us out of our heads and into our wise, powerful, intuitive bodies. Do not miss this and do not miss our upcoming Intimate Conversations. 

Best described as, “pure joy in motion,” Jennifer Joy Jiménez is a pioneer in the fields of movement and personal growth. With over 15 years of teaching experience, people from around the world have attested to the healing and transformation they have experienced working with Jennifer. A master technician in somatics, dance therapy, breath-work, and energy healing, Jennifer has included these cutting edge techniques in her Programs,CDs, DVD’s, and in the “Body Image Breakthrough Center”.

Jennifer’s passion is in coaching clients, and conducting classes, seminars and workshops, and holding teacher trainings internationally. Jennifer is well-known for her inspirational teaching style, and dedication to evoking the best in each and every one of her students.

A mother of 3 and married to her soul mate, Jennifer thrives on the challenge of balancing marriage, motherhood, career, and deeper self-discovery!