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Intimate Conversations

Sep 28, 2022

What a profound conversation about the power of nature to not only replenish us but to hold us in our healing and to help us listen to our True North. We shared stories about trauma, divorce, parenthood and healing that may resonate and inspire new points of view. We shared about coming to that center place where you can choose to speak up or to let it go… and how do you decide which one is for the highest good of all?  When we've silenced our truth for so long it seems imperative to speak up no matter what, and yet as we evolve sometimes saying nothing at all is the most powerful communication. And at the end we went deep in our gratitude of Mother Gaia. Stunning connection. 


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Featuring music by:
4 Chambers - written by Aeone / BMI
Published by Angleterre Music /BMI