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Intimate Conversations

Dec 28, 2018

How phenomenal to meet a fellow Canadian, fellow feminine leader, fellow huge heart doing amazing work on the planet... Gabrielle is the real thing indeed... from 6 y rs old feeling sad and empty, to 19 yrs old overdosed waking up at her uncles in the snow covered mountains to recover, to years in AA and sponsoring women... Gabby gets that 'space'. The space where you notice you are NOT the voice, you have a voice that's not necessarily true, real or yours.

Fast forward now she's the founder of Modern Femininity and took us through lovely "AMA" practice that supports women who are in their masculine energy to return with grace to her feminine classy alluring nature. From having interviewed her husband, I know that she brings out the best in him as well and is literally enjoying heaven on earth. She still isn't perfect, soothing her little me from time to time... and yet she's real, creating magic and will no doubt open your heart and soften your edges by the end of this delicious conversation. Enjoy ;-) 

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