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Intimate Conversations

Nov 29, 2023

I remember back when I chose to date more consciously, I would rather date a man who had fallen down and gotten back up again then a man who had success but I never knew who he was when the chips were down. 

This is the way I experience Brian and Nada watching them for the past 16 years...  two successful people individually, as lovers and as parents... yet over time like many couples, a small bump becomes a big roadblock. 

They both committed to doing the deep inner work privately with me and joined the inner circle to support their marriage. The result is they're stronger after all these years and even more in love :) I'm so inspired!

In this transparent delicious conversation we also discussed...

-What it took for Nada to put down a firm boundary with her heart opened delivered with kindness and unattached love that awakened his courage to do the work.

-How initially thinking a masculine facilitator would be better yet the wound was centered around his mother, so having a feminine facilitator turned out to be sacredly ideal.

-How the core of our issues around intimacy are with ourselves, our unhealed traumas that get triggered by our partner but aren't our partners responsibility. 

-How magnificent it is for the entire family's flourishing when traumas are resolved, how a deeper level of presence and ability to respond not react permeates the family with authentic connection, goofy joy and endless possibility.


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