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Intimate Conversations

Jun 1, 2012

I love Dr. Anna Cabeca because a conversation with her is absolutely sure to delight and this one was no exception. We talked about it ALL and we got in DEEP! We talked 50 Shades, sexual healing, orgasmic meditation and the list goes on.

Dr. Cabeca frequently lectures nationally and internationally regarding women’s health issues. She is a consultant and trainer for other physicians in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Functional Medicine Principles.

A wife and mother of four, Dr. Cabeca is a native English speaker who is conversant in four languages. Growing up in a multi-lingual and cultural household nurtured her love for international medicine and travel, which she pursues to this day. She has traveled around the world learning healing modalities from leading physicians, scientists, and other practitioners across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

Her belief is that the advantages of creating health and hormone balance are that we not only improve our own health, but also improve the health of our generations to follow.

Dr. Cabeca designed her Restorative Health program with 7 keys to optimal health. With this program it is her goal and purpose as a physician and educator to improve the quality of life of her patients and all men and women.

She integrates a Mind-Body-Spirit approach in her medical practice.