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Intimate Conversations

Dec 20, 2023

What a delicious conversation with such a connected, highly vibrating beautiful woman of feng shui mastery, Marie Diamond. There's a gentleness and ease to the way she shares information regarding colors and images and directions to shift our finances, love life, health and spiritual connection. Be sure to pick up a copy of her latest book and allow it to support your greatest success abundance and well-being for 2024. 


n this elegant, aligned and spiritually connected conversation we also discussed...


-How from a very young age Marie saw ascendant masters and how her near death experience shaped her life...

-Key features for your bedroom whether you're in a relationship or single to expand intimacy and deepen connection...

-Specific feng shui choices for your office for more abundance, cash flow, and future wealth and joy in 2024...

-The ease with which life can shift for you when the energy of your environment aligns with your unique personal energy number... I'm a (2), what are you?


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