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Intimate Conversations

Aug 17, 2022

I LOVE DR. DIANA SO MUCH!!! She speaks of how HER Fairy Godmother therapist reparented her, believed in her and even insisted she keep dating Sam who she's been married to for decades! We all need a Fairy Godmother. We all deserve to be given what we need. This was an episode sent from above as I cried a bit, and Dr. Diana was moved too. Shame pockets as she calls them ignite as we expand and grow, so to keep doing the inner work to both reparent ourselves AND ask for what we need! This was the edge I needed to hear today. I am very brave and resilient, yet still shaming myself for asking for what I need. Yet the science geek in me KNOWS that it's a DUAL torroidial field, not a single torus in one direction, it's in both! Infinitely inward AND infinitely outward, so of COURSE we need to love the sh*t out of ourselves AND also ask for the kind of love, words, touch, gifts, WHATEVER that we need to grow into our LIGHT. There are 3 must haves that Dr. Diana spoke about that you're going to want to listen for... write down... and LIVE! The first I didn't have in my last relationship which clearly is one of the main reasons it didn't work. Wow. We CAN let the past go, we CAN let shame go, we CAN ask for what we need, we CAN live in a world of people who adore us and release the rest. And I CAN have my tv show, be it reality or talk or both! Thank you Dr. Diana! YOU are my Fairy Godmother! Enjoy this delicious interview, HUGE love, A xoxo


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