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Intimate Conversations

Nov 20, 2019

Ok these are two of my favorite new people!!!!! They GET it. They LIVE it. They TEACH it. They know the benefit of fully expressing energy. Conflict is an invitation to thrive, dive deep into intimacy, ignite passion... anger, sadness, fear etc isn't bad. They get In To Me I See... that we MUST have an intimate relationship with ourselves in order to stay present and listen without reaction to our partner in heated moments. They have gotten closer over the years by being willing to be 'fully caffeinated' and speak up about what's really happening inside. They help couples get underneath the avoidance or the blame to really what's dying inside... they give space to speak about why it's important to stay and work on the relationship or to consciously uncouple. AND they work with horses! OMG I literally can't wait to explore this. I've been wanting to for YEARS. Definitely download their gift of a few chapters of the book and the book club questions so that you can bring this topic to your friends and family. Damn this is a phenomenal discussion you're going to want to listen to over and over! Enjoy! xox

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