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Intimate Conversations

Dec 27, 2023

Healing Happens! 

This woman is one of the most delicious humans on the planet, an inspiration beyond measure, a heart of gold, brave as shit. She's a testament to never giving up on love and doing whatever it takes to heal and open her heart with such a positive attitude and of course, the results to show for it! 

She knew that the therapy and courses she took moved the dial but hadn't created lasting healing or transformation...  after all she was still single. I'm honored that she saw something in how I was being and knew working together was the path home. 

In this glorious conversation we also discussed... 

-How she's literally learned how to stop navigating the world from fear in her mind into fierce love in her body...

-How she didn't realize she was not only disassociating but all of her body parts were separated and not a cohesive whole until... 

-How adding the psychedelic somatic integration work to our coaching catapulted her results into softness, receptivity, confidence and alluring a great man... 

-How she's chosen to renew for another year in this epic community and do more psychedelic somatic integration work because she's become the one (home in her body and herself) ... 

-And how she's found someone amazing to explore and she's committed to awakening the best in him (not sabotaging it and instead receiving the possibility of the healthiest most soul shaking relationship of her life...)

How she's unintentionally become a massive inspiration and leader within our coaching community, and it's rippled into more vocational success, a unanimous professional award, and overall higher quality clients in her already thriving profession...


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