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Intimate Conversations

May 31, 2023

It's amazing when you start an intimate, connected, committed journey with someone… where it will go. I've had the honor of coaching Carla for 5 years and watch her life literally transform professionally, personally, romantically, parentally... Now I'm blessed to have Carla narrate my 6 books and my 10 Allana Pratt Method Processes as a deeply talented voice over artist. Soon l will surrender to her as she trains to be an Allana Pratt Method coach and processes my sh*t!  I love this woman and you will too... 

 In this delicious conversation we also discussed…
How being so much more in her body allowed her to release judgment and mediocrity and go for her dreams (and succeed!)
What she did the morning of the pre record when her car wouldn't start... 
What she initially resisted for a year has turned out to catapult her capacity for brave vulnerability and deep heart connection 


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