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Intimate Conversations

May 1, 2012

Fantastic delicious misbehaviour! Dr. Carole's book gives us a wonderful perspective of what the allure of a bad girl is. She talked about how dysfunctions can destroy the possibility of a loving relationship. All positive as the good side to the bad girl is presented, when women no longer shame the true sacred erotic nature. Let us celebrate our unique flavors of beauty! I wonder how many of you secretly wish to be bad. If men are reading this, they better beware of you dangerous damsels out there. Dr. Carole shared so many things that we as women will discover, especially how to be irresistible as a "bad girl" without becoming "bad". I was cracking up during this interview! It was pure delight to have her on the show, we just had way too much fun. 

America’s Psychiatrist, Carole Lieberman, M.D., has been recognized for her incomparable talents by The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences who awarded her with three Emmys, Cosmo Magazine who described her as “One of the nation's top therapists,” and the devoted readers who have bought her bestselling books. Dr. Carole’s passion for helping people live more insightful lives extends beyond America’s borders. Indeed, her multi-dimensional career is internationally renowned! Most recently, in connection with Dr. Lieberman’s award-winning book, Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets, a famed London designer appointed her to be the ‘U.S. Ambassador’ of the dress Kate Middleton wore to catch her prince.

Dr. Lieberman analyzes the psychological impact of world events with passionate commentary. Far more than entertaining and exciting -- it dauntlessly cuts to the heart of the issue. Whether on TV, Radio, the Internet, Film, Print or as a public speaker, Dr. Lieberman’s insights help people cope with society’s challenges and empower them to seize the moment and live happier, more fulfilling lives. With the difficult times we live in today, Dr. Carole Lieberman is the trusted go-to expert for her breadth of experience and knowledge about our most compelling headlines.