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Intimate Conversations

Apr 5, 2023

As I research about loneliness, blame and depression, so much of our human need for connection goes wonky when we put our singular focus on getting that connection from others, without balancing that out with inner connection.  Some of the research I found I completely agreed with and yet others I feel perpetuate the problem of loneliness by over focusing on secondary consciousness, our thoughts, beliefs and stories… and under focuses on our primary consciousness where the majority of our unresolved subconscious wounds lie.

I also discussed...
-  The deeper connection and trust I have with my body the more easily loneliness dissolves into communion
-  How many of my Allana Pratt Method processes allow for the healthy expression and effective integration of anger into fierce love
-  How I'd been ashamed to be lonely given I've done so much 'work', and that it's OK to be human, in fact human is what we came here to be.


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