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Intimate Conversations

Dec 6, 2023

In this episode I share the evolution of ‘Surrender’ in my life… what I thought it meant… what it REALLY means… and that I’m still a work in progress. Surrender to me is about letting go and letting God, the Divine, the Great One, the Universe handle the details. The trick is doing this while simultaneously completely showing up as an empowered, sovereign and unattached being. It’s about letting the Divine handle the details, knowing I can’t mess it up, being unwilling to waste my energy resisting, controlling or judging myself. It’s a way of being in allowance of all, softening my preferences, opening to a grander plan I may not understand. Some days it’s really hard to BE this. Other days I’m completely Home. 


In this solo episode I also discussed…


-How I initially thought surrender meant I was giving up, letting go of my dreams. Or I'd sugarcoat my feelings saying ‘I surrender, everything is love and light happening' for a reason’ but really I was just being a coward unwilling to take ownership, grow up and show up.


-How then I thought surrender was letting go of people pleasing, looking good, doing it right or give a shit what other people thought, surrendering my whining that everything needed to be fair, surrendered being a victim or martyr and learning to speak up, speak truth and clean up my messes.


-How surrendering being a victim inflated my ego a bit, thinking I was more powerful than the divine, that I could create anything, that I ‘got this'. 


-How Life wanted me to know what surrender was REALLY and brought me to my knees… choosing to surrender everything... my businesses, money, son, cat, any chance at meeting my beloved or experiencing greater impact or success. I even surrendered my life.


-How I’ve tasted even beyond surrender, where you don't even need to surrender to divine will... You’re already there. There is no separation. You just are. Total alignment with your hips and your heart and your divine mind. You just keep putting one foot in front of the other without thinking. And your dreams literally arise of their own accord… 



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