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Intimate Conversations

Oct 6, 2021

I swear my Podcast delights my soul to the max! Meeting Kat is SUCH a gift! She GETS it and although we have different boundaries of sex before marriage or not... our hearts, souls, bodies, truths, and femininity is in pure alignment. Her story of being a Christian and questioning, researching, listening to her heart, devouring science, being single in NYC... ALL of it brought her to one conclusion. LISTEN to the podcast to find out what she chooses with sex, penetration, oral, anal, etc as she honors ALL of life as erotic, sacred, alive, and full of delight. She's wise, insightful, funny, heart-centered, and very embodied in her love of sacred sexuality. I can't wait for the reciprocal Podcast on her show this Fall where we can take this delicious, expansive, honoring, and yummy conversation to the next level. This one you will want to listen to several times to awaken what's true for YOU with your sexuality. xoxo



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